About Us


Mission Statement:
Have Brandy Leatherworks designs and crafts high quality leather goods. Combining Old World leather working techniques with modern designs allows us to share our work with the world. We use environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in our production process. Our efforts leave you with some of the finest leather goods available while leaving the environment healthy and vibrant.  

Commitment to Consumers:
Have Brandy Leatherworks takes pride in our work. We create the fine leather goods that are safe, durable, fashionable, environmentally sustainable, and affordable. Our products are designed to bring convenience to your life. Quality and style is our commitment to you.

Commitment to Retailers:
We know and understand the challenges that retailers face. We are committed to working with our retail partners to identify problems and find solutions. We are in this together and developing long-term relationships is a top priority. We always want direct lines of communication with our retail partners. Helping you solve problems helps us solve ours.

Commitment to Employees:
 We are committed to ensuring that our employees receive livable wages. The cost of living is constantly increasing; we want our employees to be well-compensated for the value they provide to our company. Fair pay and fair compensation are top priorities for Have Brandy Leatherworks. Happy and content employees directly result in high-quality products for you.
Commitment to Suppliers:
We have a strong interest in fair trade with our trading partners. Fair trade practices allow us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. With fair trade, we can develop the international team of experts needed to bring our goods to market. We give our suppliers a fair price when purchasing raw materials. This allows them to plan their economies without worrying about ever-shrinking margins. Know that supporting us also supports many small businesses in the U.S. and across the globe.