Irish Sea Collection

Irish Sea Collection:

Have Brandy Leatherworks’ Irish Sea Collection is a modern take on classic leather designs. We combine finely woven wool fabrics, fabrics that were expertly weaved on looms in the U.K., and the highest quality of vegetable tanned goatskin leathers. Our design is inspired by the Islands, coastlines, and blue waters of Ireland and Scotland. Beauty can be found in it’s isolated location; it’s strength is found in its peoples’ rugged resourcefulness. The Hebrides Islands are home to a long-held tradition of expert craftsmen and skilled weavers. The Scottish weavers are unrivaled in their wool-weaving industries and the Irish are unmatched in their leather-making. The Irish Sea Collection captures the essence of life on the Eastern Shores of Ireland and reproduces the traditions of the Western Scottish Isles.

We selected goatskin as our standard, go-to leather. Our goatskins are slowly tanned in a vegetable liquor that allows the skins to be tanned slowly and thoroughly over a lengthy process. The result is the highest quality, exceptionally durable, pleasantly aromatic, safe, and environmentally sustainable goatskin leather.

An interior, snap-secured pocket is available for additional card storage as needed. This pocket is particularly adaptable to storing and providing for easily accessible business cards. Want to quickly access your business card and give it to a potential client? This pocket is designed to keep your cards crisp, clean, and ready for presentation.

Our wallets are made in India with components and materials acquired from around the world. The wool fabrics which compose the linings and shells are made in the modern mills of the United Kingdom (U.K.), accoutrements and decorative labeling are made in the textile printing shops in Quebec, Canada. Stamping dies are designed and made in the USA. Our wallets are a collaboration among international experts in the fields of leather working, textile manufacturing, and label printing.